5 Reasons Why Building A Custom Home IN Charlotte Makes Sense

Ever made a big purchase and then immediately regretted it? That’s an acute case of buyer’s remorse my friend. If you’re purchasing, house it’s called ‘home buyer’s remorse’.

For 33% of American’s, home buyer’s remorse occurred because they felt their new home was too small. As many as 26% of younger buyers wished they’ed done more remodeling.

With a custom built home, these fears are smashed before they occur. When you build a home from the ground up, you get to choose everything from the size of the rooms to the color of the cabinets.

Keep reading to discover what goes into the home building process.

Beginning the Home Building Process

The steps to building a house begin with planning. This is where you will work out the contract and payment schedule. It is a good idea to retain a real estate agent through the entire process. A buyer’s agent will act as your representative to the builder and consult you on the process.

After you have the land you want to place your home on, you’ll need a floor plan.

You can purchase premade floor plans online or consult an architect. Builders also provide floor plans for homes they specialize in. After drawing up the plans, you’ll need to get a building permit.

Your city council or building commission will approve the plans. Every inspection during the process follows these floor plans. If you decide to change them, you’ll have to submit the new layout to the council.

Foundation and Framing

First up in the construction phase of the schedule is laying the foundation. The land is excavated and concrete is poured to create footings. The crew will then waterproof the foundation and lay the groundwork for utilities.

After an inspection, the framing phase begins. The walls, floors, and ceilings will form the skeleton of the house. The windows and doors are roughed out and then later put in. Your construction team will wrap the house for weather proofing. Then, the team will prepare the roof for installation.


The interior is the next major portion of the home build. The electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems take their place in the walls. After an inspection, its time to install the insulation and hang the drywall.

With the application of drywall, your home starts to look like a home. The walls get their finishing touches as the project comes closer to completion.

Depending on the home design, flooring goes in before or after cabinets and the final painting.


Right around the time the drywall gets taped, the exterior finishes begin.

Bricks and siding come closer to their final look and the trims are placed. The contractor will make sure the land drains properly and begin landscaping. Just as the freshly poured driveway is drying, the final inspections are performed.

With the final coating of curb appeal, your home is ready for the last builder walk-through.

Home Sweet Home

Building a home can become very stressful. Countless decisions and arising obstacles are a part of the home building process. The right builder and buyer’s agent will make it as smooth as possible. They will answer any questions and let you know what to expect from every phase of construction.

Start planning your custom dream home with Charlotte Home Builders today.